to Strong Heart and Mind Counseling — where hope and healing can happen!

Life is meant to be purposeful and meaningful — even when hard times and burdensome feelings come. We are meant to learn, grow, overcome, and HEAL so we can experience joy and peace on our journey in life!

We all have a core need to be seen, understood, and loved. When that is achieved, then we are better able to love ourselves and also love others, which brings true satisfaction in life.

About Strong Heart and Mind Counseling

If you have found yourself feeling stuck, lost, depressed, anxious, or haunted by past traumatic events you can’t seem to “get over” or more recent events that you are still spiraling over, help and healing are available. I specialize in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy which can help in all these areas and much more.

Healing can come with your desire to be healthy along with clinically designed therapy to meet your specific needs.

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Hello, I’m Sara

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) serving in Texas.  As a psychotherapist, I am passionate about helping people overcome life’s hard challenges whether they be from trauma; relationship problems; addiction; depression; anxiety; grief; health issues; physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; loneliness; self-esteem issues and many other trials that life may have thrown your way.

No matter what has happened to you or what you feel you may have done that keeps you down, hope is real and healing is possible. There will be no judgment here, only understanding and compassion for you and your life story.

Therapy That Makes a Difference

What my clients have to say

EMDR has done for me what I wanted therapy to do for years:

heal the underlying wounds that controlled everything I did rather than learning ways to ignore the pain.

EMDR therapy helped me overcome trauma in my life. 

It gave me coping skills for when I have reminders of those traumas, so now they do not cause severe anxiety or sadness.  As I was going through my EMDR therapy my family noticed a lightness about me. I felt like I was not holding on to so many burdens within myself.  I am immensely grateful to have found EMDR therapy, it changed my life.”

Sara is knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and an expert on trauma healing.

I felt so understood, encouraged, listened to and validated. For the first time, I felt like someone could clearly see what I was dealing with and could help me. Sara is the perfect balance of being professional and giving you the feeling that she is a kind friend you can trust. I’ll forever appreciate her for how she has changed my life with her insights and therapy.

EMDR helps me find the underlying memories (or traumas) and emotions that dictate how I think and act and then have the courage to face them head on…

until the pain disappears and the wound heals, causing the way I think about myself, God, and the world around me to change dramatically. As a result, I find a happier, more confident, and healthier self that I never knew existed or thought was possible to become. This technique has changed and continues to change my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone who desires deep healing and real change in their life.

EMDR brought me back to joy.

EMDR released baggage I didn’t even feel the weight of until it was gone.  EMDR showed me my traumas & pain points, eventually my joy, and ultimately, my true self.  Now I live in alignment with my authentic true self.” 

After the first visit with Sara, and for the first time in years, I truly felt worth something.

She didn’t pamper me with compliments or sugarcoat reality. She simply asked questions, validated my feelings and thoughts, and identified my strengths. I cried that night for the joy of simply feeling again.
Soon, Sara introduced me to EMDR and it was exactly what I needed.

The EMDR process helped me see things for what they were, then heal from what had happened. I still get emotional at the feelings I had every time I walked out of her office. It was refreshing and reviving, and each passing week I got better. 

I was happier, and, most importantly, I was myself.

For me, the difference between regular talk therapy and EMDR is the difference between coping and healing.

Through EMDR, all those traumas that haunted me are no longer a present part of my life. The horror of it is over and gone. I’ve been healed. My personal belief is this is a gift from God, and that it has been a way for me to harness my Savior’s atonement to heal.

If I had any bit of advice for someone going through the PTSD or Trauma that I did, I’d say: “Hold on! Trust the EMDR process. Help is coming! Peace is almost here!” It was so hard for me to believe that because it seemed too good to be true. But it is true, and you can find healing too.

EMDR is like problem-solving on steroids!